Innovative device for the correction of insomnia
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Sonia is necessary for you if you
- Suffer from insomnia
- Often wake up at night and can't sleep
- Not getting enough sleep

Principle of operation
Sonia defines the beginning of non-REM sleep phase by using a special sensor installed on the bracelet. Then, using a patented algorithm, the device sends mild electrical pulses to the second sensor, which allows to reduce the number of night probujdeni. The bracelet is worn on the palm before going to sleep

Compared to many other devices, Sonia has a therapeutic effect and changes sleep pattern in a better way. Unlike sleeping pills, the bracelet is not addictive and has no side effects

This is achieved due to the patented algorithm, which adapts to a particular user

The efficacy and safety of the device confirmed by clinical researches
Creating unique and innovative device Sonia for the correction of insomnia
To make the fight against insomnia is available for everyone and safe
To cover the largest audience of insomniacs
The creation of a platform for control and correction of the quality of sleep
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